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How to Discourage Fly Tipping in Wirral

Fly-tipping is a crime, and it's being driven by conmen!

Not only is it an eyesore on our beautiful landscape, but it costs us as tax-payers almost £50 million a year to clear up! It’s a sad state of affairs to learn that fly-tipped waste is discovered in Wirral on average eight times a day.

So how can you help to stop the conmen and prevent fly-tipping in Wirral?

Use our checklist below to ensure that you are using a licensed waste carrier to remove your rubbish.

1 Can your waste removal campaign show they are fully licensed?

2 Can they show you examples of recently disposed of waste that has been carried out correctly and legally?

3 Are they able to provide you with a Duty of Care Waste Note?

4 Are they able to provide you with a receipt showing clearly their contact details?

Disposing of Waste

As the producer of waste, it is down to you to ensure the operator is legitimate, licensed and disposes of your waste correctly.

When you are phoning for a quote, some key indicators to whether the business is professional will be:

If you are being quoted £60 by Pete in his Astra estate, who promises to dispose of it correctly for you – think again!
Fly-tipping is inexcusable. It is not only an eyesore for residents, but a serious public health risk, creating pollution and attracting rats and other vermin. We continue to urge the Government to review sentencing guidelines for fly-tipping so that offenders are given bigger fines for more serious offences to act as a deterrent
David Renard, Environment Spokesman for the Local Government Association

Wirral Borough Council took action over 1,304 fly-tipping offences in 2019-20.

Let's put a stop to this now!