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fly tipping
What is fly-tipping?

This is the illegal dumping of any waste onto land or property, which is not a licensed waste disposal centre. It is a serious criminal offence and can result in fines of up to £50,000 or even imprisonment.

Sadly, fly-tipping has become a real menace to the countryside since the Coronavirus lockdown, because of the closure of most local authority recycling centres, with a 300% rise being reported in some areas.

Selfish people had been using the time to clear their gardens and homes and just dumping the rubbish anywhere, including back alleys in towns and cities.

Speedy Response
Working to your schedule our fully trained, professional team are available to work in a flexible manner to suit your routine, whether that is outside your normal working hours or at weekends we work to your requirements. We work swiftly and efficiently to leave your site rubble-free.
Fully accredited
We are a Licensed Waste Carrier with the Environment Agency and fully compliant with regulations relating to the appropriate disposal of waste. We will provide you with a Waste Transfer note as well as any relevant certificates and a breakdown of any materials which have been recycled.
Working sustainably

Construction industry waste results in millions of tonnes of rubble going into landfill sites every year, creating pollution and environmental damage. We understand that special treatment is required for some builders’ waste such as cement or plasterboard, to ensure they are rendered safe for disposal.

What kind of waste is fly-tipped?

It can be any kind of rubbish from old mattresses, electrical items such as fridges or freezers to black bin bags full of general household rubbish or garden waste. Large amounts of fly-tipped demolition and construction waste have also been found in many areas. In addition to fly-tipping being an ugly and dangerous blight on the landscape the illegal and uncontrolled dumping of waste is a real risk to public health, livestock, and wildlife and the environment, particularly if it contains hazardous materials such as asbestos or acids which can also damage soil and water. As well as the inconvenience caused and being an eyesore, fly-tipped bin bags full of rubbish and food waste encourage rodents and other pests, as well as producing horrible smells.

Our customers
Our Fly Tipping Removal customers include
& the law

Under section 34 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990, you, as the householder, land or property owner, are responsible for what happens to your waste or rubbish, after it has been removed from your premises. Unfortunately if your waste ends up being fly-tipped and the Environment Agency traces it back to you, you will be fined unless you can prove you disposed of it responsibly yourself or you employed a licensed Waste Carrier to remove it.

The criminal culprits may look upon fly-tipping as a victimless crime, but that is patently untrue since the victim has to pay to put the problem right, and the cost to taxpayers is in the millions of pounds.
You could face a huge fine!

Can you help me clear fly-tipped waste?

If you have been the victim of fly-tipping, to add insult to injury, it is now your responsibility to deal with the waste which has been dumped.

We are constantly called upon to clear up fly-tipped waste and can provide a fast and efficient service to ensure the waste is safely and responsibly disposed of.

We will also provide you with guidelines on how to make yourself less vulnerable to fly-tipping and protect yourself in the future.
Helping you out of a mess

Beware of the Waste criminals

Unfortunately, there are many rogue companies posing as a legitimate waste disposal business, undermining and undercutting those of us who operate within the law. It is your responsibility to check that any tradesman that you pay to take any kind of rubbish or waste away from your property or site is a legitimate Waste Carrier licensed by the Environment Agency. 

This includes companies who advertise themselves as Waste Removal experts, as well as other trades such as plumbers, scrap metal dealers, builders or landscape gardeners

Cheapest is not always best!