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A kind and caring service

Whether it is your own home which needs clearing, or that of a loved one, there is no need for you to be embarrassed at calling in our professional help.

Hoarding is now a recognised condition which causes mental anguish for people who are obsessive about collecting and retaining possessions. Compulsive hoarders often cram their homes from floor to ceiling, letting their hoarding get out of hand until the point comes when they are simply unable to access whole areas within the property. Many hoarders suffer from stress, anxiety and a feeling of hopelessness, and can see no way out.

We understand that hoarders feel a lot of shame about the way they live and our clearance service will help them make progress to clear the clutter and restore a better quality of life.

discreet and efficient

We provide a specialist hoarder clearance service which is compassionate and non-judgemental because we understand the challenge this condition presents to everyday life.

Our polite and supportive team will declutter the property quickly and efficiently, working swiftly and with the minimum of fuss and disruption.

Leave everything in our hands
If you are unable to, or if you would prefer not to be present during the clearance process, we can arrange to collect the keys and deliver them after completion of the job. We understand that you may have other commitments or even live some distance away from the property to be cleared. Be assured we will always turn up at the time and date arranged.
Our customers
Our Hoarder Clearance customers include:
Avoid the risks of hoarding.

Over a period of time, hoarding can result in the home becoming uninhabitable, with mould, mildew, and rotting food causing a dreadful smell. These conditions also result in infestation by insects and animals such as flies, maggots, mice or even rats, which leads to disease. The house will be a fire hazard, and the piles of rubbish may even be causing structural damage to a home or a neighbour’s property. Once the property has reached this state, it is simply not fit for purpose, and professional expert intervention is needed.