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Shed Clearance
A professional & experienced team

When we are tidying up in the house, we tend to put things into the shed, so they are ‘out of sight’. The shed becomes the easiest, most convenient dumping ground, but it can end up becoming so crammed to the point where you can’t find anything or even move around inside.

If your shed has now become a no-go area, our professional team will take all the rubbish away, sorting out the junk from the jewels and leave you with a usable space once again.

Our shed clearance service is quicker and more cost-effective than hiring a skip, saving your valuable time because you can leave all the work to us. We will take care of everything from clearing out the rubbish and loading it onto our vehicle, to sweeping out and ensuring the shed is left in a tidy condition.

Our customers
Our Shed Clearance & Shed Demolition customers include

We work to help the environment. Direct Waste Removals are doing all we can to minimise the damage of the ‘throwaway society. We avoid sending any rubbish we have removed to a landfill site. If we think any items might have a second life, we will donate them to a local charity. Any re-usable items which charities don’t want are carefully sorted and sent to a registered recycling centre.

At your convenience

Our experienced team can work to your timetable, whether that’s daytime, evening or at the weekend. We work professionally and efficiently to get the job done with the minimum of fuss and disruption. We also remove:

Shed demolition and removal

If you have moved into a new house, you might have inherited an old and rotten garden shed which is falling down, the best solution would be to have it taken away, to give you a clear and empty space in your garden. Our professional team of waste removal experts can demolish and completely remove any unwanted small outdoor structures, including sheds and old outhouses, as well as any unwanted garden furniture.

We will ensure anything which can be reused is donated to a local charity. If waste can be recycled, we will ensure this is done in an appropriate and environmentally-friendly manner at a registered waste recycling centre.

We work quickly and efficiently, ensuring everything is cleared away, and the area left clean and tidy.

Seal of Approval
We are fully licensed by the Environment Agency as Waste Carriers, and as such, we manage all waste disposal in an ethical and responsible manner.