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Dilapidation Work
Dilapidation Work
Do you need to carry out dilapidation works?

When the lease of commercial or industrial property terminates, there are usually specific clauses which relate to the condition of the property, and how any deterioration or dilapidation must be put right. These dilapidations are the liability of the tenant.

The landlord is required to produce a legal document known as a Schedule of Dilapidations covering the decoration and repair obligations of the tenant, including the restoration or reinstatement of any alterations which the tenant has carried out. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the termination of the lease, these dilapidation works can be costly as well as time-consuming, which can result in a delay to returning the property to its original pre-leased condition, ready to be re-let or sold.

Efficient end-of-tenancy
clearance service

As a tenant or leaseholder, you will be familiar with ongoing costs such as rent, rates and service charges. However, most leases will have additional costs associated with dilapidations, and these can mean a significant outlay for you as the outgoing tenant if you have a large amount of waste or rubbish to be cleared.

We provide a convenient and stress-free solution which enables you to hand the property back to the landlord or lessor in a clean and tidy condition, thereby avoiding any financial penalties for non-compliance with the terms of your lease.

A professional service
for commercial property managers
Our experts can take all the stress away from dealing with dilapidations. We provide a complete service for organisations working in the commercial property sector, including:
We liaise with all parties concerned, including landlords and tenants, helping to negotiate dilapidations as part of early termination of the lease, or simply quickly and efficiently to organise the required dilapidation work.

Our experienced and professional team can deal with any kind, and any size of dilapidation works whether internal or exterior, including

Working sustainably and cost-effectively
We work to your schedule and your budget. Our environmentally conscious working practices mean we repurpose and recycle as much as possible. This helps reduce the amount of waste which ends up in landfill as well as reducing expensive disposal fees.
All types of property
Our dilapidation services cover a wide range of industrial and commercial sites, including