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Do you suffer from Hoarding?

Struggling with everyday living in your home?
Do you struggle to let go of things?
You may be suffering from hoarding disorder

Hoarding became a recognised mental disorder and in May 2013 was included in the updated revised manual, called the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders and abbreviated as the DSM.

We work every week across the North West assisting individuals who suffer from hoarding.

Would you like to live a better life?

Don’t worry. We can help you step by step on your journey. All you have to do is reach out and send us a message, discretion assured

Do you know a hoarder? Is it affecting their life?
Contact Hoarding Disorders UK for assistance – hoardingdisordersuk.org

Do you have a load of rubbish causing you anxiety?

We help people with hoarding problems across Liverpool and Wirral daily. We understand why piles of waste have built up. We don’t judge anyone. We are here to help you create a safe living environment.

Reach out and talk to us to see how we can help you

If you know anyone who suffers from a hoarding disorder, we can help and put you in touch with helpful organisations such as CloudSend

Contact DWM today to help you with your hoarding. Speak to us on 03300 02 02 88